Wednesday, 25 April 2018

You can't fix the brokennes that you don't understand

Joy DeGruy: Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome

339 year of slavery - no help
Freed - no help - more trauma
It did not go away
Exclusionary laws
When do we have the chance to talk about it among ourselves as a group? This applies to many groups in

The questions are - what are you trying to blame (chattery)
Although slavery exists in any society during or after war, this was different a group (Europeans) making it a business, capturing, shipping, breathing and selling of human beings, post traumatic slave syndrome... the majority of the world is of people of colour

Behaviour that can be traced all the way to slavery: 

- Secrets: proud while demeaning the value - its not an African thing, is an American thing - denigrate the children to protect them from being sold or bred, but we never talked about this so it never gone away

- Not being attached, not showing love to children that will get sold and be away from you for the rest of their lives - epigenetics (babies and grandchildren reacting in the same way to trauma, despite not knowing the trauma)  

- Beating: we beat you to save your life 

What are you going to do to prevent the damage that is done by bias - the bias you are unaware of - here is the data...


There has to be other means to assess students other than grades - students of mental health, social work, they go into this communities and do damage, because they do not know how to be with people, they are crazy, they cause trauma on trauma...

Saturday, 12 August 2017

El ovillo de colores - programa de radio

El Ovillo de Colores - archivo

En este programa Inti es columnista, el programa es muy espontáneo, toca temas de mucha importancia social y tiene invitados de muchas edades - desde muy pequeños  - lxs invitadxs se sienten muy cómodxs...

A disfrutar!!!

Desde La Plata en el centro Olga Vazquez

Monday, 25 January 2016

Increasing the joy reserves


Gratitude makes us joyful



These are Brene's slides on empathy
Each point is deeply important to achieve empathy and dispel myths

We all see the world through a very different lens
The more aligned to the main stream culture... 
...the least we talk about perspective taking
Perspective taking is not seeing through someone else lens
We cannot do that: but we can listen and recognise that...
and acknowledge that the world you see through your lens
is as true and accurate as the one I see through mine...

We judge in the areas where we feel not sure ourselves

Saturday, 16 January 2016

An Illustrator's Life For Me!: Drawing A Cat

An Illustrator's Life For Me!: Drawing A Cat: I needed to draw a cat for my picture book Bears on the Stairs , but unfortunately the cute puss Maddy , who might have been my model, had...

This was a sketch I did of Minou from memory 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The anatomy of trust

Anatomia de la confianza

A marble jar (el frasco de bolitas)

 Este es un frasco donde ponemos una bolita por cada acción en que un amigo nos demuestra su mutua confianza, generalmente son acciones pequeñas diarias pero significativas...
Trust - mutua confianza con amigos es de ida y vuelta y también con nosotros mismos no podemos confiar en otros si no valoramos nuestra capacidad...

La mutua confianza se construye con actos simples y esta representada en la palabra braving 

B - Boundaries - limites - tu respetas mis limites y yo respeto los tuyos - si los limites no son claros, primero preguntas - tu puedes decir no, y yo puedo decir no, y podemos pedir ayuda cuando la necesitamos...

R - Reliability - confiabilidad / fiabilidad - hacer lo que dices que vas a hacer pero estando consciente de tus potenciales y tus limitaciones.

A - Accountability - transparencia - reconoces tus errores y tratas de corregirlos, no les adjudicas tus errores a otros, y cuando necesitas que otros sean transparentes contigo lo haces con honestidad y respeto.

V -Vault - caja fuerte - no compartes información o experiencias que no son tuyas para compartir, necesito saber que lo que comparto confidencialmente estar seguro y que no compartes conmigo información que otros te han dado confidencialmente.

I - Integrity - integridad - eliges coraje antes que confort, lo correcto antes que lo rápido, divertido o fácil. Y practicas tu escala de valores ademas  de profesarla.

N - Non- judgement - sin criticismo - puedo pedir lo que necesito y tu puedes pedir lo que necesitas, podemos hablar de lo que sentimos sin critica.

G - Generosity - generosidad - atribuyes la interpretación mas generosa a las intenciones, palabras y acciones de los demás, no asumes lo peor cuando la respuesta ha fallado, y lo comunicas.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cultivating a resilient spirit

Wholeheartedness is like the North Star... is not a destination ... we know when we are walking in the right direction