Saturday, 12 August 2017

El ovillo de colores - programa de radio

El Ovillo de Colores - archivo

En este programa Inti es columnista, el programa es muy espontáneo, toca temas de mucha importancia social y tiene invitados de muchas edades - desde muy pequeños  - lxs invitadxs se sienten muy cómodxs...

A disfrutar!!!

Desde La Plata en el centro Olga Vazquez

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Self - compassion

We can't avoid criticism and judgement and blame and shame in our lives. These are human experiences.

Perfectionism does not save us from them, it is a 20 tonnes shield that keeps us from being seen.

My Kristin Neff self compassion assessment  on 9th Jan 2016
Self-Kindness: 2.40
Self-Judgment: 2.00
Common Humanity: 2.25
Isolation: 3.25
Mindfulness: 2.50
Over-Identification: 4.00
Overall score: 2.65

My Kristin Neff self compassion assessment  on 25th Jan 2016
Self-Kindness: 3.00 
Self-Judgment: 2.60 
Common Humanity: 2.50 
Isolation: 3.25 
Mindfulness: 2.75 
Over-Identification: 4.50 
Overall score: 2.65 

My Kristin Neff self compassion assessment  on 10th Sept 2016
Self-Kindness: 3.80
Self-Judgment: 1.20
Common Humanity: 3.75
Isolation: 1.25
Mindfulness: 4.00
Over-Identification: 1.75
Overall score: 4.23